Europe 5: Nice!

Oopsie…I missed a couple days again.  I’ll make up for it today!! 🙂 As I mentioned in my Eze post, while my mom and I town-hopped the French Riviera, our home base was in Nice. I had had a hard time choosing between Nice and Cannes as our Riviera home base during the trip planning stages, but in the end, I had gone with Nice. … Continue reading Europe 5: Nice!

Europe Recap Part 1!

It has been so long since my last blog post, that I literally forgot the website.  I couldn’t remember if i was on or WordPress or something else! Europe was a blast!  As expected 🙂  Coming back to the May accounting close & second half of the year forecast deadline all in four days….has not been a blast.  I’m absolutely slammed at work!  (What’s … Continue reading Europe Recap Part 1!


Get ready for an inundation of blog posts today.  I’m going to try & play catch up, before I leave for vacation in…13 hours and get behind again! This past Saturday was RESCUE’s annual “Cinco DOG Mayo” car wash.  Although Sunny is always my top choice, I was super excited to have Mango.  Mango is a 70+ lb pit bull mix who is vibrant goldey-red … Continue reading Mango!