Birthday in a nutshell

Uff-dah! SO much going on right now! I know my Grandma was looking forward to hearing about my birthday activities, but I just have way too much on my plate right now to breathe, much less write a wonderful blog post (especially since I didn’t even have time to do anything exciting for my birthday), but the fact that I haven’t updated my blog with even so much as a peep is adding even more stress because I feel like a bad person! I think lately that I could use the services of a therapist 😦 So anyways here comes my birthday in a nutshell…sorry it’s lame, Grandma!

On Wednesday, I woke up, sat in bed & thought “Wow, I’m 24, that’s old.” I can remember back to when I was little, playing pretend with my friend Amanda Martinez, and always pretending we were 24 because that seemed like a solid “grown-up” age. So here it was, in all it’s glory….and I had a sore throat 😦

At work, my wonderful friend/neighbor Katie B. had surprised me with an awesome balloon and birthday plant and presents for Sunny– yummy bacon treats, a cool red rover dog chew toy, and a yummy bone-stick-treat-thing that her dog loves!  (Of course I forgot a picture of the presents.)



After work, my mom came over with presents, tulips (forgot a picture of them!), and cupcakes!  THen we went to dinner.  (And I forgot to get a pic of us at dinner.  Ugh I’m lame!!)


By the end of dinner I thought I was going to die of strep throat/the flu/a cold.  Unfortunately I did not have the option of dying because of everything that is going on at work, so instead I woke up Thursday and dragged myself to work.  Then, that evening, I went to dinner with my dad & Cherie!  We went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and while I forgot to take a picture of us, I did take a picture of dessert:


Friday morning– originally meant to be the kick-off to a fun birthday weekend with my friends, til I got sick– I volunteered at the Special Olympics State Championships for Track & Field.  I was a timer for the first place runners for about 4.5 hours.  I timed every-other race and in between races, I ran to the other side of the field to cheer on the runners.

pic pic4 pic2 pic3

It was very fun but a lot of hard work!  I never knew that timing was so stressful.

Friday night I worked on some Europe trip planning and then was in bed by 9:30!  Saturday morning I went running, then to the pool with friends, then out for a drink with my best friend Sarah.  We ran into Mark!


Sunday I did more Europe planning, worked on some stuff for Alpha Phi at UofA (where I advise), and cleaned my house.  The end!  What a crazy birthday weekend!!!!!!….not.  Oh well, my real birthday present to myself is Europe! 🙂

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