Alix’s wedding!

After my fun Saturday with Mango, Sunday was even more fun!  I ran errands in the morning, then got ready for Alix’s wedding!

(If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, you probably have heard Alix’s name a lot.  Alix and I interned at Intel together in the summer of 2010 and then both started back full-time in the same group!  She is one of my greatest friends!)

The wedding was at the Boojum Tree, a venue here in Phoenix.  Apparently, the Boojum Tree was a nursery & about to shut down, when someone asked to hold their wedding there before they closed.  From there forward, it became a venue!  It is very cool, almost tropical, with a million plants, little alcoves & different areas to walk through, lights strung from the ceiling, etc.  I really liked the vibe!

Side note: I was with Alix when she booked the venue for her wedding yippee!!

Anyways, as normal with work events, my neighbor/coworker/friend Katie B was my date!  Without even pre-planning, we matched quite well!  (You can’t see her shoes, but they were the color of my dress haha :))





I call her Katie B. because there is another Katie– Katie T 🙂  Katie T though is moving to Portland in a couple of weeks 😦 so then Katie B. can finally just be Katie!

Me & the Katie's!
Me & the Katie’s!

Alix looked absolutely stunning and the wedding was so intimate & perfect!  Nick, her husband, is really great too.  He’s really funny!

A ton of Intel people attended the wedding.  Here we are all together!


And then we also made sure to take an “Interns” picture, meaning a pic of me and the other girls that all interned together in 2010– me, Alix, Katie T, and Nadia!


Nick’s mom put together a fun video of Alix & Nick growing up, to watch during dinner, and they also had a tradition that they would call married couples up to come & demonstrate a kiss that Nick & Alix then had to copy!  I had never seen that before and it was cool.  During the ceremony, they also did a wine ceremony, which I had seen before at a wedding of Mark’s friends.  Basically, they seal bottles of wine with different letters to be opened on different anniversaries.  For example, on their third anniversary, they’ll enjoy a bottle of wine with a note that Nick’s parents wrote to them, describing their feelings on the day of the wedding.  I really like this tradition!

After a yummy Mexican dinner, we had a cupcake cake, and then danced before previewing the wedding photos & sending them off into the night in a limo!   They’re going to Hawaii for their honeymoon– oh la laaaa!  I really hope Instagram still works when I’m in Europe because if not, I will miss out on the play by play that Alix is posting of their honeymoon!

I’m off to finish packing!  Then hopefully post a pre-trip summary before I jet off to Europe WOOHOO!!!!!!!


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