Alix’s wedding!

After my fun Saturday with Mango, Sunday was even more fun!  I ran errands in the morning, then got ready for Alix’s wedding! (If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, you probably have heard Alix’s name a lot.  Alix and I interned at Intel together in the summer of 2010 and then both started back full-time in the same group!  She is one of my … Continue reading Alix’s wedding!


Get ready for an inundation of blog posts today.  I’m going to try & play catch up, before I leave for vacation in…13 hours and get behind again! This past Saturday was RESCUE’s annual “Cinco DOG Mayo” car wash.  Although Sunny is always my top choice, I was super excited to have Mango.  Mango is a 70+ lb pit bull mix who is vibrant goldey-red … Continue reading Mango!

Sunday with Sunny– what else do I do? :)

There are a million things I could write about each week– each day, even– but I think it is apparent to everyone that Sunny is my most favorite topic.  Other topics, I put off writing about; in regards to Sunny, I could write a novel about her! She is just so. darn. cute!  I can’t get over it.  The entire time we’re together, I look … Continue reading Sunday with Sunny– what else do I do? 🙂

Farm Day!!

The past two weeks, I’ve had the honor of helping out at “Farm Day” for the Foundation for Blind Children, here in Phoenix. Farm Day is an annual event where all of the students from the Foundation’s local campuses come to visit a farm in Glendale.  Despite their vision impairments, the farm thrills the children’s  other senses in a myriad of other ways that they … Continue reading Farm Day!!