Sunny & Rory

This past Sunday, I got to take care of two dogs—Sunny and her buddy, Rory. I was a bit nervous about how it would go with two dogs at once, but as you’ll see, it went perfectly!

First, Sunny and I spent the day doing some work with Israel (the Israeli workweek is Sun-Thurs), before doing more Europe research. She was very helpful:


We made sure to take a few walk breaks, to enjoy the gorgeous AZ weather!

Then we headed off to Pet Club. Sunny is so great in the car! Compared to Guinness, who used to run around nuts, jumping back & forth between the seats, & barfing in-between, she is literally perfect.\

Sun3 Sun2 Sun4

At Pet Club, Sunny enjoyed a dental bone, to help clean her teeth. She normally likes to lay on the cool tile, but whenever she is chewing a bone, she prefers to lay on the dog beds:


After chewing her bone, Sunny decided to wrestle with Ivy.

Little Ivy.
Little Ivy.

Ivy is a 3 pound Chihuahua. Her paw is about the size of my thumb nail.

Sunny though, was obviously very gentle with Ivy, who initiated the playtime! Sunny just laid on her back pawing at Ivy, while Ivy jumped around like a little elf. It was cute! I wish I’d captured a picture, but right when I was about to, Rayna—a 30 pound terrier mix—decided she wanted to join too….by jumping on Sunny’s open eyeball a few times. AHH!


I jumped in right away, worried that Sunny was hurt and would growl or snap at Rayna, but mellow Sunny just blinked her eye a few times, rubbed it with her paw a bit, then looked at Rayna like “What the heck, bro?” and went back to playing with Ivy. What a sweetheart!


After our two hours there, we headed off to spend our last hour together playing at the park. This is when Rory joined us. Rory is a 1-year old cattle dog mix, and you can definitely tell he is still a puppy!

While we were walking toward the car, he kept running around Sunny & I and in between both of our legs. We were a tangled mess by the time we got there, and I was regretting not asking Rory’s AM Dog Caretaker to help us get in the car. When I opened the door, Rory hopped in right away, and Sunny followed. I jumped in the front seat as quickly as I could, worried that one of the dogs would try to take over driving, but I had nothing to worry about.

Before I was even buckled, the buddies were konked out together in one of the back seats:


It was so cute! They snoozed the whole ride home (~35 mins) before both waking up as I pulled into the parking lot at doggie daycare. When I parked, they were both sitting patiently until I opened the door and then hopped out. No one made a mad dash for it, as I tried to wrangle the leashes; they both just stood patiently by me.

We walked around the block a few times before calling it a day.  It was fun having two dogs!  I would definitely do it again.

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