Circa 8th grade, my mom got sucked into an informercial and bought the “Windsor Pilates” DVD’s.  I remember spending one summer determined to figure out what all of the hype was about.  I was going to become a pilates professional. By day two I had quit. How the heck was I supposed to be focused on breathing rhythmically while moving my limbs at a quicker … Continue reading Pilates

Guinness’s First Race!

I had other things that I had planned to blog about today, but I am still just too excited about Guinness’s racing debut to put off posting about it!  (So excited in fact, that I am honestly having daydreams of turning him into a professional racing dog.) On February 24th, 2013, Guinness Russell took part in his first race!  And completed his first 5K!  AND … Continue reading Guinness’s First Race!

My return to OrangeTheory!

After about a six-week hiatus from OrangeTheory, I made my cowardly return.  I had wanted to go last week, but Kenpo (the scary teacher) was literally teaching every night so I had to wait until I could go when someone else was teaching.  Kenpo makes it too hard!  I didn’t want to have a heart attack my first time. Anyways, I walked in and immediately … Continue reading My return to OrangeTheory!