Europe 20: Berlin 2– the end!!

Our last day in Berlin had a theme of scary dark gloom.  I think this was the world’s way of making it seem less of a tragedy that our vacation was coming to an end, since it allowed us to look on the bright side– literally– and anticipate the warmth & sunshine of AZ, and the US’s relatively calm history. We woke up to clouds. … Continue reading Europe 20: Berlin 2– the end!!

Europe 17: Prague!

I can see the end of the finish line!  I’m finally almost done blogging about the trip– just two places left! While Vienna was one of my mom’s favorite cities, Prague was one of mine.  I absolutely loved the architecture!  Where Vienna’s buildings all stood with a united front, stylistically similar, Prague was a juxtaposition of different eras and styles.  Being an architecture buff, this … Continue reading Europe 17: Prague!