Sunday with Sunny– what else do I do? :)

There are a million things I could write about each week– each day, even– but I think it is apparent to everyone that Sunny is my most favorite topic.  Other topics, I put off writing about; in regards to Sunny, I could write a novel about her!

She is just so. darn. cute!  I can’t get over it.  The entire time we’re together, I look over probably every 30 seconds & tell her how perfect she is.  I am sometimes just overwhelmed with love for her.  And I know she loves me right back!  She’ll look at me so deeply sometimes, with complete gratitude and love.  Whoever adopts her someday will be very lucky.

I picked up Sunny on this past Sunday for a “work hard, play hard” day.  First, we did taxes– the “work hard.”

"Hey Sunny, do you want ot help with taxes?"
“Hey Sunny, do you want ot help with taxes?”
"Ummm nope.  No thanks, Paige."
“Ummm nope. No thanks, Paige.”

Then off to Pet Club we went!  At Pet Club, Sunny got to pick out three treats for being so supportive during taxes.

"Is this the one you wanted, Sunny?"
“Is this the one you wanted, Sunny?”
"Yes, please!!"
“Yes, please!!”

 Afterward, it was off to the “play hard” part of the day– a playdate at my dad & stepmom’s house with their dog, Winona.

Unfortunately, Winona is pretty anti-social.  Fortunately, Sunny is pretty anti-unhappiness.  After meeting teach other, Winona went off to hide in the corner.  Sunny decided to scope out all of the action, laying in the middle of the living room/dining room/kitchen….great room?  She loves being in environments with lots of action, where she can sit back & watch everything that is going on.

Winona in her hiding corner/cave.
Winona in her hiding corner/cave.
Watching Cherie cook in the kitchen.
Watching Cherie cook in the kitchen.
Watching me take pictures :)
Watching me take pictures 🙂

I tried to get them to interact, but Winona was so anti-Sunny that it was hard to get them in the same picture frame!

Winona & Sunny "playing"!!!!!!! Not.
Winona & Sunny “playing”!!!!!!! Not.

Eventually, when lunch was served, Winona came back out of her cave and laid down in the living room area….but on the opposite side of the table as Sunny.

Sunny kindly even brought a rawhide peace offering for Winona.  Winona took it, enjoyed it....but didn't hang out with Sunny still :(
Sunny kindly even brought a rawhide peace offering for Winona. Winona took it, enjoyed it….but didn’t hang out with Sunny still 😦

IMG_1582 IMG_1581 IMG_1580

Oh well!  I knew the chances of Winona putting the “play” in “playdate” for Sunny were slim (it was 8PM– her designated “witching hour” when she goes nuts & wants to play).  I knew Sunny would still have fun exploring a new place with more new people to watch.  I was also excited for her to have time outdoors, in a backyard, without a leash.  She loved it!  She also really liked Cherie, but was scared of my dad at first.  Sunny’s new thing is that she thinks boys have cooties & is scared of them 😦

I tried to snap a few more pics of them “playing” together, which was an epic fail:

IMG_1585 IMG_1586 IMG_1587

But when it was time to go two hours later, we made them pose together for family pics outside:

IMG_1590 IMG_1591

Back at dog daycare, Sunny skipped off like “Okay, bye, Mom!  See you later!  See you after dog daycare!!”  It makes me happy that she is adapting well to the transitions and has come to trust everyone that works there.

I read once though that dog’s have no concept of time.  Whether you’re gone five minutes or five hours or five days, it is all the same to them.  I’m starting to believe this.  When I first would take Sunny for the day and then drop her back off at daycare, she used to panic and get upset, thinking I was leaving her for forever. Now though, she seems to think she is going someplace fun– like dog daycamp– just for a wee bit of time, only for me– who she thinks is her owner– to pick her up again.  A whole five days of dog daycare in her mind have become just five minutes.  She never seems to question if I will come back.  She is always happy to see me, but now always fine to leave me, believing I will always come back for her.  And no matter how long it is– whether it’s just the five days or if it is 15 days, like recently– all of the time spent at dog daycare just seems to vanish into a blink of time for her.  It’s very interesting to ponder.

Anyways, we had a very productive & enjoyable day!  While I know she enjoyed being at my parents’ house, I enjoyed it just as much!  I hadn’t seen them really since they moved here, which is terrible on my part, so it was nice to finally catch up.  Their house is beautiful!  While it is much further north than I have ever been– 50 minutes from my house according to the map app on my phone–, it is in a gorgeous, mountain-y area.  After my dad’s surgery, I really look forward to hiking with him!  Inside, my stepmom’s taste is honestly magazine worthy.  She just knows how to put things together so perfectly.  I’m envious!

View from the pool!
View from the pool!


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