Alix’s Bridal Shower!

This past weekend was also my good friend Alix’s bridal shower!  It was the second bridal shower that I’ve been to in the past year– yikes!!

The bridal shower was in downtown Phoenix, at the sleek 44 Monroe, where Nadia lives.  Nadia’s place has an awesome community room that you can reserve and being the incredible hostess she is, Nadia went above & beyond, having some awesome blogger friends decorate the room for the occasion.  The theme was sunflowers!

Alix's last name when she marries Nick will be McDonald!
Alix’s last name when she marries Nick will be McDonald!
Nadia had hung pictures everywhere!
Nadia had hung pictures everywhere!

Unfortunately I feel like I didn’t get very many good photos 😦 Everyone had to keep reminding me to take them!  I blame the fact that I thought I was developing an eye disease and was suffering from red, dry, itchy eyes that made me not even want to look at people much less shut one eye & squint through a lens to take a picture!  (The day before I had been holding baby goats, chickens, and rabbits, and digging around in a garden….then itched my eyes a bunch of times before washing my hands 😦 ew!)  Still, I did get some good ones, and I promise to make up for my sub-par skills at the shower, at the wedding!

Anyways, most of the ones I can’t share here  since the theme was honeymoon/swimwear & lingerie– oh la la!  Alix definitely got some fantastic gifts!  I think her fiance– Nick– will like them too hehe 🙂

Nadia had a fun chair brought in for the bride!
Nadia had a fun chair brought in for the bride!


Present time!
Present time!

We also played some fun games & munched on delicious food!  My favorite game was the marshmellow game: Nadia had asked Nick questions earlier in the week & then asked Alix the same questions at the shower.  Alix had to guess what Nick said, Nadia would play the video of Nick answer, and if Alix got it wrong, she had to put a giant marshmellow in her mouth!  My favorite question was when Nadia asked Nick what the nicest thing Alix has ever done for him and, without skipping a beat, he answered “she said ‘yes!'”

Overall, it was a great afternoon and I was honored to be a part of the day!  Now I am looking forward to the wedding– May 5th!

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