This past Friday, I had the opportunity to volunteer at StandDown Arizona!  StandDown is a US Department of Veterans’ Affairs event, held in different cities across the US during the year.  The event in Phoenix is the largest in the country, serving over 1300 homeless veterans in two days.  These veterans– from what I saw– range from just over 18 all the way up to … Continue reading StandDown

Sunny’s First’s

  Well, even without going into detail on the perfect family & second-runner up family I met for Sunny….I still must have jinxed it.  Despite leaving Pet Club with a leash fitted to Sunny (it was purple, our favorite color), food, a dog bed, bones & toys….the perfect family never submitted an application for her.  Nor did the second runner-up family, who visited Sunny two … Continue reading Sunny’s First’s

Life passes you by

On Saturday night, I had dinner with Rachel Clause…oops I mean Braten!  She reminded me that I had to change her last name in my phone now that she’s been married for over three months!  It was somewhat surreal.  She had been “Rachel Clause Phi” (as in Alpha Phi) in my phone contacts for forever, and then suddenly she became “Rachel Braten Phi.”  I’ll get … Continue reading Life passes you by