Coming soon: Saturday with Sunny Part 3!

I found out today that I will be taking Sunny this weekend to an adopt-a-thon event in Scottsdale.  I am very excited for her!  I think she is going to love, love, love interacting with all of the other dogs & so many new people.  She is such a social butterfly!  Sunny is happiest when she is slobbering other dogs with love or being loved by some humans.  It will be a great day for her, I just know it!  I really think she will be adopted too.  She is the perfect family dog.  If I had two kids & a backyard, I would for sure want Sunny as my dog!

We have to be at the adopt-a-thon from 12:30-3PM, but I get to have her from 7AM-4PM.  I think I am going to take her on a jog around the lake, then up A Mountain, then back here before we head to the adopt-a-thon.  After the adopt-a-thon, I will probably just have to take her back though.

Saturday be the perfect end to what is already a wonderful week for her– today, she was moved from her isolated kennel at the clinic to Dog Days Daycare in Tempe, where she gets to spend most of her days in free play with other dogs!  I smile so much, thinking of how much fun she must be having.

I’ll end this happy news with one of my favorite pics of Sunny 🙂


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