Quick updates!

After this post, I’m finally caught up!

Last week, I registered on LiveMocha to practice my French.  So far I am surprised by how much I remember!

On Friday, I happened to glance at my phone on my drive home from work & Sarah Stevenson was calling me!  We decided to grab dinner at Oregano’s.  As always, it was so fun to see her!  I may be chaperoning one of her 8th grade class’s field trips in March 🙂

On Saturday, after my time with Sunny & my stew experiment, I booked Mom and I’s flights to Europe!  We arrive in Paris about 9AM on the 10th & then land back in Phoenix (from Berlin) at about 9PM on the 26th.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll nail down the itinerary.  Fortunately I have some friends I can go to for advice on some of the places I am less familiar with.  First, my coworker Reina & her husband, John, just took a honeymoon trip through Europe, hitting up Italy & Switzerland, so I for sure need a list of their “must-visits!”  (Especially in Switzerland because her pics were insanely gorgeous.)  John also told me he has been everywhere else we’re going, so I should just send him a list of how long we’ll be where, and he’ll help us out.  Then, lastly, I have my buddy Jean-Michel, who I met at an Intel Involved event.  (He works in ISG, in the Broad Market division– my new group!!)  Jean-Michel is from France and still owns seven vacation properties there that he rents out.  I will definitely be hitting him up for tips, too!

Oh, and I just realized– I have friends in Germany (Matthias) and Prague (Palo), that I can hit up too.  I would love to catch up with “German Matt,” seeing as I haven’t seen him since junior year of high school, when he studied abroad here!

That’s all for now….I think…. 🙂

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