My return to OrangeTheory!

After about a six-week hiatus from OrangeTheory, I made my cowardly return.  I had wanted to go last week, but Kenpo (the scary teacher) was literally teaching every night so I had to wait until I could go when someone else was teaching.  Kenpo makes it too hard!  I didn’t want to have a heart attack my first time.

Anyways, I walked in and immediately my best bud, David, saw me and came running right over!  “I was worried about you, Miss Paige! I thought you were dead!”  I always laugh when David says this because he tells me this every time I see him, if I haven’t seen him in the past seven days, and also because David is almost 70….so he is a bit more over the hill than I am :).  He ended up being on the treadmill & I started on the rowers, so we didn’t get to chat much.  When we rotated sides of the gym though, he came over to ask how I was feeling since he knew I had had whooping cough.  So caring!  He is so cute!  He reminds me SO much of my IDM partner at work, Jim.  They look the same, they walk the same, they talk the same, the wear the same outfits, sometimes I can’t remember who I talked to about what or if I had the same conversation with both of them.  I would think they were brothers if David’s name didn’t start with a W.  (Jim’s starts with an F.)  David is also an electrician that sometimes does contractor work at Intel and he has never mentioned having a brother there.  (Oh and since my return, David has been wearing a bandana styled as a doo-rag to class lately, and Jim wears a safari hat.)

I survived the first class on Tuesday…and then also made it through yesterday & today!  I can tell I lost a ton of my muscle strength but, whatever, I will get strong again soon!  Today’s class had an extra 30 minutes tacked onto the end (“happy hour”) if you wanted to stay, so I did and did intervals on the treadmill the whole time, meaning 60 mins of treadmill work & 30 on the rowers/weight room total.  I am definitely enjoying my couch right now!

Today though, David told me something really cool.  I had noticed on Tuesday that his base pace was now a run; he used to walk as his base pace.  My thoughts were “Wow, David has really gotten into shape while I have been gone sitting on my a**.”  I was proud of him though!  Well today, during the “happy hour,” he got a spot on the treadmill next to me & introduced me to the lady next to him.  David always introduces me by explaining that I’m the “girl that comes in, smiles the whole time, doesn’t sweat– just glisten, and works at Intel!”  This time though, he tacked a bit on the end “…and I hadn’t run since the 70’s– I think I forgot how– but Paige inspired me too!  I saw her running & I decided I wanted to someday soon, too.  So I did!  Running is easier than power walking!”  It caught me off guard & I’m sure he didn’t realize how much it meant to me, but I thought that was really cool.  I told him how I had noticed his improved fitness & high-fived him of course.  

I am either going to be transferring to the Ahwatukee gym when I start my new job or canceling my OrangeTheory membership completely.  I will be sad to tell David 😦  I will have to make a point to come visit him, if I don’t cancel my membership.

Also on the fitness front, this week I bought two LivingSocial deals for working out.  The first was $99 for a month unlimited at a pilates places on Ray & the 101 that has those machines celebrities use.  I have never really “got” why pilates was so cool, and I always assumed it was because I didn’t do it with one of those $8K pilates machines, so this coupon is a way to test my theory out.  I also got two-months unlimited Bikram yoga at a place about a mile from my house.  My posture has gotten so bad & my lower body flexibility is terrible now too from sitting at my desk all day.  I have been trying to work standing about 40% of the time, but Bikram will help me get limber again.

And finally, speaking of Bikram…did you know Bikram is actually a person, like a chubby man in his late 40’s, maybe 50’s, who does yoga in a speedo while screaming out to his classes that “Women are b*tches & who*res and were only made to spread there legs”?  He has a lot of lawsuits currently pending.  He also collects custom cars, so I’m curious if he was at Barrett Jackson last week.  OH and he got his start teaching yoga to Michael Jackson.  I saw a special on him on Nightline last week, and I’m not going to lie, it made me basically want to never do Bikram yoga again….after I first regain my limber-ness.

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