Derek’s hockey game!

Playing blog catch-up now!

Last Monday, my mom & I went down to Tucson for the evening to watch Derek’s hockey team– The Purple People Eaters– play in the league championships!

Unfortunately, they lost…BUT….Derek scored a goal!!!!!  I was so proud of him & thankful to have captured it on camera:

Perfectly set up in front of the net!
Perfectly set up in front of the net!
Sneaking around his shoulder!
Sneaking around his shoulder!
He shoots....he scores!!!!
He shoots….he scores!!!!

Look at the puck in there!

Woohoo! Go Derek!!
Woohoo! Go Derek!!

Many of Derek’s friends came to the game and they were very funny & super supportive.  In fact, besides his fans, there were only two other people watching the game!  Here are a couple other of my favorites:

IMG_0668 IMG_0696 IMG_0702 IMG_0723 IMG_0724 IMG_0760 IMG_0771 IMG_0780 IMG_0845

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