Update on Sunny!

I had the pleasure of spending Sunday with my best friend, the adorable sweetheart Sunny!

When I went to pick her up from Dog Days Daycare, I got there right when the doors opened at 7AM and peeked through the waiting room window as they went back to get her.  She looked up & saw me way on the other side of the room….and totally recognized me right away and got super excited!

After our reunion, I got some terrible, terrible news from the assistant.  I can’t recall if I have mentioned before but dog walker volunteers during the week have been commenting that Sunny has been limping.  On Friday, before our day together, she had gone to the vet to figure out what was wrong: Sunny has essentially torn both of her ACL’s 😦  She has been put on bed rest– no playing or walking, except to use the restroom– and is on daily pills, along with twice weekly shots to reduce the inflammation.  And that is only the temporary fix.  Most likely, her ACL will fuse together in the short term, but will tear easily later on again in the long term, if she leads a moderately active life.  She will require surgery & then eight weeks post-op in a crate, to fully fix the problem.  It was an absolute dagger to my heart and, I’m sure, to her’s.

Fortunately, I knew Sunny had gone to the doctor so I tried to put my sadness aside & focus on the fun we could have together today.  I had gotten her a present at the store– a hair brush to make her extra pretty!– so off we went to my apartment to test it out.  I made a big slumber-party-esque arrangement on the ground with pillows & blankets for us to enjoy, since she wasn’t supposed to be jumping onto/off of couches & things.  We were cuddling, watching “He’s Just Not That Into You” together, talking smack about boys, when she decided she was too good for the extremely comfortable arrangment I had made on the ground and hopped up on the couch.  Leaving me all alone!  So I obviously got on the couch with her 🙂

She spent the day snoozing, with her head in my lap, enjoying being brushed.  We were trying to beautify her for her upcoming public event!

Do you like my rainbow fuzzy slippers?  I'm sitting Indian style.
Do you like my rainbow fuzzy slippers? I’m sitting Indian style.

Then after a delicious breakfast of eggs & bacon (treat) for her and eggs for me:

She obviously still insisted on trying my eggs too because they apparently looked SO much different & yummier than her's! ;)
She obviously still insisted on trying my eggs too because they apparently looked SO much different & yummier than her’s! 😉

…it was time to go to our event for the day– the Willo Park Home Tour.  On the car ride there, I think she thought she was going back to daycare too soon or to the vet because she seemed sad:


…but when we got to the event, she perked up!  While I tried to keep her inactive– doctor’s orders!– she wanted to explore every single thing.  It was a huge street fair with hundreds of booths, tons of people, great food trucks, and of course, the spectacular historic homes that were open for tour.  I myself wanted so badly to explore, so I could understand why Sunny was experiencing some ADD.  Eventually though, she was content to relax on the grass, receiving belly rubs from a billion new friends as well as the volunteers.

From the other volunteers, I found out that Sunny is basically the favorite dog right now!  Everyone that has met her, ADORES her.  They were all jealous that we have gotten to spend so much time together 🙂 Then, I was even more excited to find out that a couple who had submitted an adoption application for Sunny was swinging by to meet her!  The arrived right around 1:30PM.  I am not sure they are the perfect fit, and Sunny seemed to sense so too because she was extra ADD suddnly & didn’t want too much to do with them.  Some +/- on the couple:

  • (-) The man acted like he didn’t give a crap and was only there to let his wife get a new dog, to replace their recently deceased dog.  He won’t be hanging out much with whatever dog they get.
  • (-) The man could have eaten Sunny, plus four of Sunny’s twins & still had room for a few pizzas.  He sat down on the curb & then couldn’t get back up.  People had to pull him up.  Seriously.
  • (-) The man said Sunny was too small. SHE IS PERFECT!!!!!  Be quiet rude annoying mean man!!
  • (-) Once Sunny is able to be active again, the couple clearly will not be able to be active with her since they are the definition of obesity.
  • (+) The couple has great jobs and no kids, so they are willing to take on Sunny’s medical issues
  • (+) They were considering adopting another lab mix, Zane, alongside Sunny, so she would have a playmate!

Anyways, I haven’t heard any news about an adoption appointment so I think they may have moved on.  Literally every person at the event that walked by stopped to learn about Sunny and commented on how beautiful & well behaved she was.  It is truly mind boggling that she hasn’t been adopted.

At 2:30PM we left, and Sunny was conked out!  I could tell by the end of the day that her knees were getting very sore from walking & sitting so much.  I wish I could have carried her the whole way back to the car!  That is my new motivation for working out– being able to carry Sunny everywhere like I could Kipper 🙂


We obviously tried to get a cute pic together before I dropped her off, since you never know when our last time together will be 😦

Attemp 1-- Sunny looks great.  Me?  Not so much...
Attemp 1– Sunny looks great. Me? Not so much…

Sunny looking beautiful again :)

Everyone please keep your fingers crossed that Sunny soon gets adopted by the perfect family that will support her through her knee aches & pains!

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