Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year! It is now the year of the SNAKE!

This is my new desk decoration-- a snake!  It was the best surprise ever on this Monday morning, courtesy of my coworker Maggie!
This is my new desk decoration– a snake! It was the best surprise ever on this Monday morning, courtesy of my coworker Maggie!

I work with a TON of people in Asia. All of last week, they were leaving for their vacation (they get two weeks starting tomorrow) and wishing me a happy new year, one by one. I didn’t know too much about the Chinese New Year, so I decided to do some investigative work. (I was procrastinating making a presentation.) Lo and behold, my Chinese zodiac is the snake! So it’s my year! My time to shine baby πŸ˜‰

After researching what the snake zodiac meant, I decided that it describes me quite well! Snakes are:

  • The most intuitive, aware, & introspective of the Chinese zodiac signs
  • Also the most reflective & not flustered easily; they aren’t outwardly emotional
  • Plotters & schemers πŸ™‚ muahahaha hehehehe
  • Need calm & quiet, as well as sleep
  • Have sophisticated & refined tastes– prefer to have one very expensive chair instead of three moderately priced ones. (I’m looking at you billion dollar West Elm cabinet.)
  • Are bored easily so they change jobs frequently
  • Organized & precised; they can meet quick deadlines & problem solve easily! Β But they like to work alone.
  • Their worst nightmare is diving head first into a shopping spree
  • They loveeeee to vacation. Β (Oh hello, Europe!)
  • Hobbies include touring & photography. Β (Oh hello, Europe…again!)
  • Have few friends because they are not emotional or open, but their few friends are friends for a lifetime! Β (Fish, Sarah Stevenson, Amanda Martinez…)
  • Do not choose romantic partners based on physical appearance, and is very picky.
  • It takes a “patient soul” to live with a snake for a lifetime hahaha

And finally, most importantly…suitable gifts for snakes like me include binoculars & stamp collections. WHY HAS NO ONE EVER GOT ME THIS!!?? Β How rude! πŸ˜‰

Then of the snakes, I am specifically an Earth Snake. Β Earth snakes are the most calm, down-to-earth, & friendliest of the snakes. Β So you think they aren’t scheming, but they really are! Β Better watch yo’ backs people!! Β Just kidding…but this does explain why TJ (my boss) always refers to me as “sneaky smart.”

I am also a Taurean Snake (which combines the western & eastern zodiacs), which means I “remember everything” and should never be underestimated because I will “forge on until I get what I want.”

If you don’t know your Chinese zodiac, definitely use the link above to check it out! Β It was very interesting and fun to learn about.

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