Girls Weekend!

Reflecting upon my weekend & the other things I have to update on, I have realized this past weekend was a true girl weekend!

  • First I hung out with Sunny & my mom (both girls)
  • Then I watched…umm…uhh..oh ya, “The Lucky One” (chick flick)
  • Then I went to dinner with Katie & Nadia (…and Justin but he let us talk about girl things) 
  • Then I watched “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (chick flick numero dos)

Justin was the only boy I talked to alllll weekend!  I bet my dad is very happy about this realization.  (I should also add that Justin is Nadia’s husband, in case you didn’t know.)

The first movie I watched– “The Lucky One”– is one my mom watched Friday night & dropped off on Saturday when she visited Sunny and me.  This movie was based on a Nicholas Sparks book, and it was a joke.  First, Zack Efron from the Disney Channel was the leading man.  He is like a prepubescent midget.  I have no idea who was allowed to cast him, but I bet they are probably fired now.  Then his love interest was some lady that looked like she was 30 at least.  All I kept thinking during the love scenes was how awkward it must have been filming it– like did Zack feel like he was making out with his teacher the whole time?!  I felt like he was.  Meanwhile the antagonist either needed to take some acting lessons and/or invest in some botox because all he did to convey emotion was walk around with his forehead wrinkled.  Or maybe he had come to the point that he couldn’t even unwrinkle his forehead, who knows.

If I were to look past the terrible casting, I suppose the overall plot was good.  I would only recommend it for a rainy afternoon though– thank goodness Saturday was rainy!  I bet the book would be really good rainy-day reading….if I didn’t imagine Zack Efron galavanting around trying to pretend he is an actual leading man, not some wannabe.

On Sunday I watched “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”  I went to Safeway to get groceries, return my mom’s “The Lucky One” redbox movie, and hopefully get myself “The Descendents” or “A Beautiful Mind.”  I was not the lucky one at the redbox that day because they didn’t have either movie!  So I looked through all of the new releases and “What to Expect” was the only one that I remembered hearing about.

I liked it!  I like when there are movies that follow multiple characters with their own storyline. (UGH!!!!  I accidentally just deleted “20/20” that I hadn’t watched yet from my DVR!!!!!!  Lesson learned– no more multi-tasking while hitting the “Delete” button on the tv remote.)  Plus it was pretty humorous!  I also like Cameron Diaz, and she was in it.

In between the movies, as I said earlier, I went to dinner with my coworkers, Katie (B), Nadia, and Nadia’s husband Justin, at Postino’s in Central Phoenix.  I had never been to Postino’s before, so I was very excited to go.  Plus I always love the opportunity to hang out with Nadia & Justin!  They are the coolest couple!  They both have such diverse interests, are incredibly intelligent, ooze friendliness & warmth, and to top it off, complement each other perfectly as a couple!  They’re so cute.  They always inspire me to be a better friend!  And I feel like our conversations always make me more aware of the world somehow; like I look at it differently & pause to think “hmmm” about experiences instead of just running through life like a chicken with my head cut off.  Katie is also my go-to date for anything related to Intel.  I couldn’t ask for a better work wifey!! 😉

So that basically caps my weekend!  I just got back from dinner with Derek & Guinness– what a wonderful surprise to come home to!– and now I’m going to read & watch “The Bachelor.”  Supposedly some chick passes out tonight & has a meltdown….oh wait, that happens every season on this show….

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