My dream dog: Sunny

Sunny is officially my dream dog!  While Kipper stole my heart because he is a little baby puppy & adorable, any cute puppy would!  (Especially any cute puppy that has a meltdown when he is separated from you.)  Sunny though, Sunny is my best buddy!  She is perfect.  She is a lab mix (50 pounds) so she can keep up on runs, while having the very best leash manners ever!  I don’t even have to hold her leash most of the time, which makes walking or running or hiking with her a breeze.  And once back at home, she is SUCH a cuddler!  No matter where I go, she wants to follow.  She likes to be by me always, since we’re best buddies.  When I stop, she sits down.  When I curl up to read my book, she curls up next to me & situates herself so that we’re intertwined.

She is SO full of love & kindness!  If you just look at her, her tag wags a mile a minute!  It never stops wagging.  Even when she is lying half asleep on the couch, on the way other side of the room, she still looks over at me with complete adoration in her eyes & wags her tail!  Sunny just loves to be loved & give love in return.  I am so thankful to have gotten to love her the past three weekends!

To summarize our day, I arrived at 8AM on the dot to pick her up!  She was in the open play area for big dogs, hanging out in the corner with a bone, and while all of the other dogs went nuts trying to come running out when the tech opened the gate to get Sunny, Sunny waited patiently.  She finally sneaked out and came running right toward me, of all the people in the lobby! She remembered me, yay!!

It was pouring rain, but Sunny daintily skipped quickly through the puddles & right to my back door.  She hopped in the back like a professional and laid right down:


We parked in the parking garage because the rain was so bad.  (The day set a new precipitation record for Phoenix!)  Then we meandered down to my place to read books for a bit.  (I obviously read out loud so that Sunny wasn’t bored.  She liked the book a lot, I could tell :)) She curled up right beside me, practically on top of me!  I was squished way in the corner, but I didn’t mind since I had her snuggles to keep my warm.


Then we decided to brave the rain and go for a walk.  For about 20 minutes we dilly-daddled around the lake until Sunny finally let me know she wanted to go back home by turning us around, walking along the lake, and then right back up to the first door that led inside my apartment building.  She was sick of the rain, and I was too!  My hair was 100% wet & I had to wring my shirt out when we got back!  I took a towel & dried my Princess Sunny off, too.


During the rub down, I discovered that Princess Sunny not only enjoys her belly rubs, but also loooooves having her forehead rubbed.  It put her right to sleep!


She decided to stretch out for her nap and kicked me off the couch– I had to sit on the chair!  It was fine with me though because I could tell she was super relaxed!


When she woke up, she let me back on the couch so I could continue reading my book to her.  She snuggled on up, making sure that not only were her back paws on me, but her head too!  Eventually though, she got bored.  (The plot is moving a little slow in the book, so I could understand.)


Good news though!  I had an exciting surprise for Sunny– a visitor!  So we went downstairs & frolicked in the rain for another 15 minutes or so before a black Lexus rolled up & we anxiously waited, peering out the lobby windows, as a blond lady approached…..who could it be, Sunny?!  It’s Mom!!!!!!!

Princess Sunny loved my mom, too.  (She loves me more though, obviously!)  After my mom made us burritos & I made Sunny a scrambled egg, she made herself comfortable real quickly, maximizing her snuggles, by sitting between us.  She had her head on my mom’s legs and her paws on mine; then she would rotate.


Between snuggles, Princess Sunny got probably 40 minutes solid of belly rubs.  I told you she was a Princess!  What Princess Sunny wants, Princess Sunny gets.

Next Sunny and I had a photoshoot.  Sunny is a true supermodel!  I will post many of her beautiful pictures later!

With only an hour or so left, we headed back to join my mom in the living room.  Princess Sunny made herself comfy right away, snuggling her head in my lap while I sat cross-legged:


She kept looking up at me & smiling while I leaned down to give her a kiss on the forehead!  Such a sweetheart, she is!

Then we said good-bye to Mom, before uploading her pictures.  (I wanted her to see how beautiful she was!)  She still stayed snuggled close:


Finally, it was 3:30 and time to leave….dunt dunt doo.  Princess Sunny was perfect!  As usual.  She climbed in the car, went right into the daycare lobby, and was excited to see her friend at the front desk.  (The man working was like”Hi Sunny, my little sweetheart!” and came around right away to give her a belly rub.  She seemed to know him so it made me feel good that he would take extra special care of her the rest of the day.)  After her belly rub though she came right back to me and we had a few hugs before she went back into the play area.  I was so happy she trusted who she was with!  Since she is three, I think she also understands that we are all here to help her.  (I think she was also probably excited to brag about the day to all of her friends.)

Sunny officially became available for adoption on the website on Monday.  (You can view her bio, complete with a quote from me, here.)  Because so many of my friends are in town this week & weekend for the golf tournament, I won’t be taking care of a dog.  There is a good chance– scratch that, GREAT chance– that Princess Sunny will be adopted since she is so perfect.  So I don’t know if I will see her again 😦  I want so badly for her to be adopted so she can be a princess every day & shower her family with love every day….but a teeny, tiny, itty, bitty part of me hopes that I will still get to see her two weeks from now, which is very wrong.  It is just so hard!

I really wish I had a house for Sunny and I to live in!

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