I’m not psycho….

Thanks to my good friend, Alix, I’ve realized that my resolution to lose 10 pounds could seem a little startling.

In reality, I used to be about 15 pounds lighter until the last few years.  I know that by committment to a healthy lifestyle this year– running my 1000 miles, keeping up my healthy eating habits, avoiding the Intel food cube, standing at my desk sometimes instead of sitting all day, etc– my weight will naturally settle back down where it was.  I’ve just been slacking for the past years on pulling all of the pieces of a healthy lifestyle together at one time, and this year I want to get back on track!

So no need to worry that I’ll be counting calories or going all weird eating habits on you & trying to starve myself skinny.  I’m just going to choose good habits over bad, giving my body the nutrients & activity that it needs!

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