So much to talk about!

Hi everyone!

At Christmas this year, Derek asked me if I know what period’s and comma’s are….because apparently, I never use them!

I think he has a point.  I am a very excited person and so when I have lots of exciting things going on in my life– like right now!– I can’t help but jabber on & on about them. 

I mean, it’s only Jan 3rd., and not only have I already made great progress on my resolutions, but I have other cool things to talk about too!

So first– those “other cool things.”

Next Thursday & Friday, I am going to be teaching 9th grade from 7:25AM-12:20PM– yikes!  That’s a whole lot of time & a whole lot of students that are potentially taller than me!  I am teaching as part of a program called CHOICES:


CHOICES was established in Washington (state), and has working professionals come into 9th & 10th grade classes to show them how they choices they make now– to get good grades, try out for varsity basketball, take the harder math class– immenesely impact their future– their career opportunities, their lifestyle, their retirement funds for travel!  You’re showing students that they CHOOSE who they become, and they should CHOOSE to be a college graduate.

I had two hours of on-line trainings this morning to become certified, and I am very excited to teach the program.  As one of the very few female college graduates in my family  and someone that is passionate about my own education, I want to make sure I do everything I can to inspire others to attend college.  It never occured to me when I was younger that I wouldn’t go to college and from the time I was six, I had huge career aspirations– pediatric opthamologist, marine biologist, the “next” Barbara Walters, architect, biomedical engineer, reproductive endocrinologist, etc.  I was always so excited about planning and preparing for my future.  (And I still am!)  I want to help all other kids become enthused!

I will let you all know how the teaching goes after next week 🙂  And who knows, depending on how often they need teachers and whether I am a good fit for a teacher, maybe I could make CHOICES one of my three long-term volunteer committments this year!

And now onto the resolutions…

I’ll do a big update on Sunday (my chosen weekly blog day), but for a quick update, I wanted to let you all know that last night I had dinner with Sarah Stevenson!  We went to The Vig in Arcadia, which we had both never been to, and while the food was excellent, the conversation was even better!  Every time I hang out with Sarah, I always feel inspired to do greater things.  She is a middle school teacher through Teach for America and is the epitome of “beautiful on the inside & the out!”  We have a great time together and, after realizing that we both shared the same resolution to hang out more, will be spending lots more time together soon!  Stay tuned!

That’s all for now– back to writing my 2012 FOCAL (Intel’s performance review).  Then off to lunch with Nadia, Alix, and Katie B!

Love, Paige

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