Sleepless In Seattle!

I watched my first movie for the month– “Sleepless in Seattle!”  When I had made my resolutions list, I had outlined the movies & books I planned to dig into each summer, and this movie hadn’t been on my list.  However, after watching the recent re-do of “Footloose” on New Year’s Eve– after having never seen the real “Footloose”– when I saw “Sleepless in Seattle” on TV on New Year’s Day, I decided to DVR it.  And last night I finally watched it.

What a GREAT movie!  I loved it!  I absolutely loved Jonah, the actor, the character, everything.  I’m disappointed that I waited so long to watch it.  How come no one ever forced me to up until this point!?  Come on guys, help me get with the program! 😉

I had my last day of CHOICES teaching today (well, until I go to my next high school two weeks from now), and I’ll write an extensive post about that later.  I need a while to try and figure out how to put everything I feel about the program and my experiences delivering it, into words.  It’s tough!  For now though I just wanted to say that if you haven’t yet watched “Sleepless in Seattle”….you know what you should be doing tonight!

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