Ladies & gentlemen….I present to you….YONANAS!

Hold on while I go make some....
Hold on while I go make some….

Yonanas is the most wonderful, awe-inspiring kitchen tool I have ever owned. It even beats my mainstay, the Magic Bullet blender. You see, Yonanas allows you to shove a banana & some strawberries down a shoot & end up with ice cream. I. am. not. kidding. It is legitimate ice cream!!!! I live a two minute walk from Yogurtland and any time, any day, any guest…if I want some ice cream, I’m busting out my Yonanas. It is the same creamy texture as ice cream, with much better taste, and leaves me feeling like I just munched on some juicy fruit, rather than filled myself with bloat-causing dairy & icky sugar & weird other things in ice cream that I don’t even know about.

It is the perfect way to cure my sweet tooth (thank you, Grandma Joy!) while also getting my potassium (no more cramps while running!) and a couple of servings of fruit (yay for antioxidants!)! It is so healthy & delicious!

So therefore you should all go to Target right now & buy yourself a Yonanas. Or, be like me, and ask for one for Christmas and hope your awesome Aunt Linda gets you one instead. Do it now!!

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