Smokey Black Bean Stew

This month’s recipe is one I pulled from my Runner’s World magazine– thanks, Dad!  The recipe can be found here.

I modified it quite a bit, just like I do with every recipe:

  • I used one cup brother, 1/2 cup water, to cut down on calories
  • I used onion salt instead of a real (icky) onion.  And I didn’t sautee anything!  I just put it in a giant pot & left it cooking on low for 90 mins
  • Sprouts was out of black beans, so I used one can black beans (already had at home) and one can white beans (cheapest kind they had!)
  • I used a smaller can of “chipotle-style” diced tomatoes, instead of plain diced tomatoes with an additional minced chipotle pepper, because it cut down on steps, was cheaper, and meant less tomatoes.  (Not always a huge fan of them.)
  • And as I said earlier, I cooked it for about 90 mins, rather than 20, because with soups, I figure longer is always better!

My review– absolutely positively delicious!  It is very filling and has incredible flavor.  Not spicy, as I expected, but more like some sort of tomato-based soup that you want to really savor.  I think it is one of my new favorite recipes!  And I’m not going to lie, I think it might just be better than any Amy’s soup I’ve ever tried!  (Amy’s are my favorite.)



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